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Open letter regarding the loss of study spaces at Gamla Torget 3

Dear members of Pax et Bellum, sister organisation UPaD, staff of DPCR, and students at Campus Gamla Torget,

We, the board of Pax et Bellum, hope this letter finds you in good health! COVID-19 is spreading rapidly around the globe and our thoughts are with you all. Despite these gloomy times, the world does not stop spinning and tomorrow (19th of March 2020) is the day the future of Gamla Torget 3 will be decided. 

Our student areas are important for the cohesion of DPCR students and the department, for the work conducted by the student associations and to facilitate the close bond with our lecturers. The area at Gamla Torget 3 serves as a meeting place for master and bachelor students alike. It is our second home. More importantly for the campus as a whole, the potential loss of study areas will affect us all. No viable suggestions for compensation have been presented to us. Hence, we continue to request a comprehensive plan for the whole campus. We urge the campus board to refrain from hasty actions. Together with our partners, we have worked relentlessly during the past weeks to save our facilities from termination, especially the student areas. We had planned one final physical protest for tomorrow, which won’t be possible due to the current circumstances. 

In collaboration with several student organisations, we composed a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the university, urging her to act in the matter by providing the Campus Board with the necessary support to address the situation appropriately. We hope our actions will bear fruit and she will act in favour of the students – all of us. 

Finally, our petition “Fight for Gamla Torget 3/Kämpa för Gamla Torget 3” has gathered a total of 617 signatures. We want to thank every one of you for your support. Our work for the students at the DPCR, our members and for maintaining student areas at Campus Gamla Torget is not over yet. The petition will be handed over during the campus board meeting and we hope our concerns are addressed. The quality of our learning environment should be taken into account throughout this decision-making process. 

Your voice matters to us. Now we hope it matters to the Campus Board as well. 

Stay safe! 

Yours sincerely,
The Board of Pax et Bellum

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