A membership in Pax et Bellum is for life. No, really. As of 2015, once you become a member for Pax et Bellum you can call yourself a member of Pax for the rest of your remaining adventures.

The membership fee is 100 kr. Let’s call that the downside. But in return, you get a whole lot back:

  •  Well-organised academic events such as the Pax Talks lectures.
  •  Trips and excursions around Sweden and occasionally the world. This year, we visited the Russian Embassy and are looking into the possibilities of visiting more embassies, NGO:s and even St: Petersburg in the spring. There will definitely also be an end-of-the-year retreat for a year well done for all Pax members.
  • Probably at least your membership fee back in the form of all of these subsidized events. As we are a non-profit, the fees all come back to the members.

If this sound like a sweet deal, please send an e-mail to our secretary with your name and we’ll contact you about payment.

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