Our Activities

The main bulk of activities held and hosted by Pax et Bellum comes out of us, the Activities Committee, who are responsible for organizing both academic and social events. We strive to bring interesting, fun and informative learning opportunities to our members. Lectures, movie nights and workshops are all part of our initiative to offer the best possible.

If you want to join the activities committee, either to join in something on-going or start something entirely new, please contact the Head of Activities. Please note, however, that you have to be a member of Pax et Bellum to get involved in our working groups. If you are interested in the activities we host but do not wish to get involved just yet, we suggest you visit our Facebook page, become a member of our events-group or send an email to our secretary to subscribe to the mailing list. You can also just check out our calendar here on the web page.

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