Pax et Bellum | General
We are super excited to announce that Pax et Bellum and DPCR Alumni Association are launching a Mentorship Program!

About the Program

Master students who are members of Pax et Bellum and DPCR Alumni Association can apply to the mentorship program and be paired with Alumni mentors, based on mutual professional interests and career aspirations.

Subsequently, a mentor and a mentee will be put in touch by the Alumni Association Board, where the student is responsible for reaching out to the mentor. Participants can decide on the details of their interaction themselves, although we require one initial (online) meeting to establish contact.

Generally, the mentors should be willing to answer questions and/or offer guidance over email, over the course of maximum one year (throughout 2021). A mentor will be asked to advise a maximum of 2 mentees, based on the preferences of the mentor. If any issues arise, both the mentors and mentees are welcome to contact the Board (

Eligibility and Application Process

In order to apply to the Mentorship Program, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be currently enrolled at DPCR as a Master student
  2. Be a member of both Pax et Bellum and DPCR Alumni Association
  3. Fill in the registration form by 17 February, 15:00!

If you are not a member of either associations, it’s not too late; it is sufficient to become a member by February 17! Note that membership will be checked during the pairing process.

As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

The number of mentees accepted will depend on the number of mentors available, thus filling in the form does not guarantee a spot in the program. All applicants will be contacted.