A membership in Pax et Bellum is for life. Really!

As of 2015, once you become a member for Pax et Bellum you can call yourself a member of Pax for the rest of your remaining adventures.

The membership fee is 100 kr. Let’s call that the downside. But in return, you get a whole lot back:

  •  Well-organised academic events such as the Pax Talks lectures.
  • Social events, such as gasques and dinners throughout the year.
  • Trips and excursions around Sweden and occasionally the world. Previously, we visited the Russian Embassy and we have been looking into the possibilities of visiting more embassies and NGOs in the future.
  • Probably at least your membership fee back in the form of all of these subsidized events. As we are a non-profit, the fees all come back to the members.

Do you want to get your own lifelong membership? It’s super easy!

Just fill out this Google Form and join us for all our upcoming events!