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You have probably come across our call for submissions on Facebook or on a pin board at your university. We think it would be nice to introduce ourselves more properly. So, I will do that on behalf of our editorial board.

As stated at the top of this page, Pax et Bellum Journal is a student-run academic journal that focuses on the field of peace and conflict research. The first edition of the journal was published in the spring of 2014 and, luckily, it caught many students’ attention. Or, I should say, that it was more hard work than luck that helped us. Since then we have published the journal every year. In the coming spring, we will publish the 5th edition, and as a matter of fact, we are all very excited.

Although I write “we have published”, the editorial board is renewed on a yearly basis. Each year, a number of master students at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research of Uppsala University come together to manage the journal. This year, we are 17 people who come from various places around the world, who have different perspectives, and who have various different educational backgrounds. Since the beginning of the semester in Uppsala, we have worked hard to prepare the next great edition of the Pax et Bellum Journal.

At the editorial board, we believe that the voices of students must be heard and be taken seriously within the field:  after all, we will become researchers and policy-makers in the future (yep, we will be)!

As you can see in our poster, the deadline for submission is January 12th. For the students who want to send their papers, I would like to explain what happens after the deadline. First, our submission officer will anonymize all submissions. Then, the papers will be assigned to the editors and all of us will deal with a certain number of articles. We will read your papers and analyze them in accordance with our guidelines. If your paper passes the initial review, it will be peer-reviewed by professors at the department. If your paper passes both steps, it will be ready for publication.

We are planning to release the 5th edition of the journal in May 2018. The journal will be printed and made available online. We also distribute it to many universities, research bodies and think tanks, as well as the royal archives of Sweden. This will be a great opportunity for student researchers at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

So, what are you waiting for? Share your perspectives and ideas about peace and conflict related issues with us. We look forward to reading your papers!

Mert Can Yilmaz
Pax et Bellum Journal

The blog is run independently of the Department of Peace and Conflict Research in Uppsala. The Pax et Bellum Editorial Board oversees and approves the publication of all posts, but the content reflects the authors’ own perspectives and opinions.